Trans Tasman Logging - 11/02/2021

Paul Blundell

Last night around 23:00 while undertaking my "DX2021" radio challenge, I was attempting to log 2EA from Wollongong on 1035kHz. As I was listening to this I noticed the signal was not great and after rotating my AR-1733 and 3" FSL, I was able to confirm it was not 2EA I was hearing.

1035kHz - NewsTalk ZB Wellington. (Confirmed by callsign and domain name on air.) discussion regarding the PM and the Covid-19 job payments.
At the time we had a rain storm passing by and the signal levels were good. I also checked some other frequencies for New Zealand stations including 1386kHz which is not used in Australia. This and the other checked frequencies didn't show any traces of other stations. As the storm passed the signal levels dropped and 20 minutes later, the signal had gone.

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