Hello from the new guy . . . with a question

Jock Elliott

Hi, Jock Elliott here. If that name seems vaguely familiar, I used to write for Passport to World Band Radio, PopComm, Monitoring Times, QST. My biggest radio activity right now is running the Commuter Assistance Net here in the Capital District of New York State -- https://thebig94.wordpress.com/commuter-assistance-net/

Three scanners are used in running the net, and I first became aware of the Ultralight group through Radio Reference . . . and through that reference, and some research, I became interested in AM BCB DX, and I recently ordered a CCRE2. So I am not an Ultralight hound yet, but I do "get" the challenge of doing more with less. Further, this seems to be an active group, so I thought I might join up and see what goes on.

Has anyone a shoot-out between a full-boogy ultralight with attendant inductive antenna and a full-size portable like the CCRE2? I'm just curious which has the edge in performance.

Finally, I thought I'd report my first attempt at AM BCD DX. Firing up my Satellite 800, tuning slooooooowly away from WGY 810 (50K watts clear channel), at 4 am I picked up a station in Michigan. No ID, but clearly talking about Michigan and Michigan local stuff. . . so about 500+ miles away.

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