Re: dead CC Skywave followed by recovery

Marc Coevoet

Op 3/02/2021 om 03:27 schreef Nick Hall-Patch:
Has anyone run into such a problem as this?
I was lucky enough to spend some time in Malawi about six weeks ago, and took along a CC Skywave for some of the more adventurous portions of the trip, intending to get an idea of the AM and FM bands there, away from city noise.     Unfortunately, it didn't work.   It would switch on OK, indicate and tune frequencies, but, dead quiet.   Tried replacing the batteries, but still, no signals.

Maybe the radio must be left without batteries fr some days, to empty the voltages inside, eg for memories ...

PS: I do have a Rotel rt11 tuner with defect memories ... always starts up with a dab scan ..

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