Re: dead CC Skywave followed by recovery


This is somewhat disconcerting!  Possible explanations posted here need further investigation.  My Digitech AR1733 died of an unidentified malady some time back. Our high-tech radios are  susceptible to humidity, knocks,  airport x-ray (?), hungry ants, QC,  component failure, RF overload quirks etc.   The fact that it recovered suggests humidity leading to pcb or smd  bridging.  Have others experienced similar failures in tropical humidity and temperatures? It might be possible to expose an affected radio to RF from a dummy load placed close to record  whether at increased RF  the UL shuts down.

Michael UK

... the RF level is high enough to blank out/mute the audio, sometimes completely on all of my digital portables. I have a CCrane 2E and Skywave SSB, an XHDATA D808 and an ETON Elite radio that all have this problem. This appears to be a common problem for all of them, that if the RF level is too high, they start shutting down their audio and sometimes completely muting, making you think they are dead.
Dave Aichelman     N7NZH  

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