Re: dead CC Skywave followed by recovery

Paul Blundell


My Digitech AR1733 died a couple of months ago, after the batteries went flat, it would not turn on at all. I returned it as it was only a month old and it was replaced. At the time they said they had seen this happen before.
I am not sure if this is the same for your model?


On Wed, Feb 3, 2021 at 1:27 PM Nick Hall-Patch <nhp@...> wrote:
Has anyone run into such a problem as this?

I was lucky enough to spend some time in Malawi about six weeks ago, and took along a CC Skywave for some of the more adventurous portions of the trip, intending to get an idea of the AM and FM bands there, away from city noise.     Unfortunately, it didn't work.   It would switch on OK, indicate and tune frequencies, but, dead quiet.   Tried replacing the batteries, but still, no signals.

Oh well, plenty else to do there, but it had worked fine the last time that I'd used it at home, though I hadn't tested it on the way out the door.   The bigger mystery is that maybe the air band did work, because ot certainly worked about two weeks later, after I had returned home, but, I hadn't checked it in Malawi.  I did spin through shortwave there, but nothing heard there either. 

Or, maybe it was just the first band to recover, because...AM and FM functionality returned a few days after that, as if nothing had happened.

The radio had been packed in checked luggage.   Is there any known failure for radios like this from whatever they use to scan checked luggage these days?   (We had also been over some rough roads in Malawi previous to discovering this, though it had been reasonably securely packed, I thought.)

Would be happy to hear any ideas, so that I don't have such a disappointment in the future.




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