KCUP 1230 kHz Toledo, Oregon DX Test-- Sunday Morning, July 31, 2021

Les Rayburn


Many DX tests are months in the making and this one was no exception. CPC Member Paul Walker first reached out to station owner Steve Rubin in August of 2020 to see about the possibility DX tests for stations that Rubin owns. 

While Steve Rubin didn’t have any maintenance opportunities for stations that he owned at the time, he promised to reach out if something developed. Rubin was as good as his word. KCUP 1230 will be changing formats in February and will be performing some maintenance on the transmitter just prior to the switch. 

KCUP will test on Sunday morning, January 31, 2021 starting at midnight PST (0800 UTC) until 0100 AM PST (0900 UTC). Test material will include Morse Code, sweep tones, sound effects, etc. 

The station will be transmitting at 1,000 watts into their omnidirectional pattern. On crowded graveyard frequencies, it is difficult for stations to be heard at great distances usually—but past tests have proven that the additional of special test material can work wonders. 

 This provides a solid opportunity for West Coast receptions and also DX’ers in NZ and Australia. Those of us back East will need more than a little luck…but as many of us need Oregon and new stations on 1230, let’s give it a try. 

Reception reports will be handled by the Courtesy Program Committee (CPC) at the request of KCUP. Reception reports should be e-mailed to: 

We strongly prefer that you include MP3 sound file recordings of the best 2-3 minutes of  your reception. If you cannot record the DX, then detailed written reports can also be accepted. If your report is confirmed, you will receive a custom designed QSL card as a PDF file attachment. It is suitable for printing. 

We will no longer accept reports via USPS mail. 

Thanks to Steve ________ and the owners of KCUP for this rare DX test from Oregon. Thanks to Paul Walker for his months of work in setting up this test. Also to Joe Miller, KJ8O for designing the special QSL card and handling the verification. We’re blessed to have dedicated volunteers on the CPC—but always looking for more help. Please consider volunteering.  


KCUP AM Coverage Map


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