4TAB 1008khz Brisbane Heard In Alaska

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

I'm pretty sure I heard  4TAB 1008khz this morning. I had some some non ethnic accented english talk going on for several minutes.. it was mostly in the mud, but I think i had a few fade ups. I'll review my "Tape" later today.

This is the only long form english language talk station i could find on 1008 and i know they have more then 1 transmitter on 1008 but when I lived in Alaska last time, I heard the station and i was able to determine thanks to their engineer, despite no id heard, that there was a greater then 90 percent chance I had 4TAB not 7TAB (This was 5 years ago so i dont remember what we did besides looking at pattern data.. i dont recall if he dropped carrier briefly on 7TAB or what)

4TAB operates from an island east of Brisbane and not on the mainland


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