Re: Initial Review of the Tecsun PL-330

Paul S. in CT

When following Radio Jay's path to anon-co (I've also dealt with them years back on eBay) I noticed the set offered is an English export. So I looked around at youtube and found a few reviews for this "Export" version.

1.) Software revision is 3305 (Radio OFF, then press VF/VM button)
2.) many if not all of the bugs reported have been fixed IN THIS SOFTWARE REVISION
3.) The anon-co version offers two shipping options:
WITH BATTERY = SHIPPING FEE to USA of $22 ($82 + tax)

If you opt for NO battery, eBay has several vendors that will sell the correct BL-5C + charger for $7 - $8 with free shipping. If you just want the battery, prepare for $5 - $6. Look for "1020 mahr" in the ad..

No... Sync is not fixed.

Paul S. in CT FN31nl

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