Paul Walker's Ultralight DX in Alaska with a 5 inch (12.7cm) FSL Antenna

Gary DeBock

Hello All,

A couple months ago broadcaster Paul Walker asked me if I could spare an FSL antenna for him to use during his upcoming broadcasting job in McGrath, Alaska-- a very cold location with subzero (F) temperatures for much of the winter. Of course I was glad to help him out, but wondered how much outdoor live DXing someone could actually tolerate in such frigid conditions.

As it turns out, I need not have wondered! Paul has absolutely run wild receiving over-the-pole Trans-Arctic DX with his C.Crane Skywave and 5 inch FSL, although none of it has been reported yet in this Ultralight Radio group. He was awarded the Master Trans-Arctic Ultralight DXer award a few weeks back (attached), and has continually pushed the limits of human endurance exploring breakthrough polar propagation in the frozen north of Alaska this month. Pasted below is his latest post, which includes many recording links for European and Middle East stations received with his CC Skywave and FSL antenna. A photo of Paul in his somewhat unconventional DXing setup is attached. Rock on, Paul!


On Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 10:25 AM Paul B. Walker, Jr. via <> wrote:
I've got to figure my reception here in Alaska is one of a few things, namely either what those in the lower 48 hear as TA's in the evening, I hear as TPs over the Pole in the mornings.  My mornings are loaded with Asian's along with Europe and Middle East. My nights are Canada and the lower 48, as far east as Detroit, Chicago and .. Guymon, Oklahoma!
This is tops on the list, it's 400,000 Watt 1188khz MR4 Nemzetiségi Adások in Hungary from Sun Jan 17, 2021 at 1805UTC. I'm glad no one was milling about our village on a Sunday before sunrise because I was so thrilled with how good this audio and signal is, I was pretending to somewhat excitedly conduct my own orchestra. Audio:
Another near top favorite of mine is Radio Eli, 1035khz from Estonia from Mon Jan 18, 2021 at at 1730UTC. I like this because I don't recall seeing many reports of folks logging Estonia on AM plus it's not a bad signal for "only" 200KW. Audio:
Talk Sport 1089 was so clear one morning it sounded almost like Anchorage or Fairbanks AM stations do. In fact, the signal got a bit clearer as I listened AND.. the signal hung in for 14 plus minutes at near local strength like.  AUdio:

Here's SBA's Quran Channel on 882khz on Mon Jan 18, 2021 at 1631UTC. I like this because I can't recall many people logging it. Audio:
I like this one because of the distance, power and the fact I think few others have logged it. This is Radio Deckhova, 1233khz, only 10,000 Watts from the Czech Republic. Recorded Sun Jan 17, 2021 at 1817UTC. Audio:
This is Radio Quzain, 1125khz from Iran on Sat. Jan 16, 2021 at 1553UTC. First time heard here and I haven't seen many if any reports from others.  Audio:
1287, JOHR Sapporo, Japan is one of my favorite asians. Despite being "low powered" at "only" 50,000 Watts its heard quite regularly, quite well land for several minutes at a time. Here's a recent recording of them, audio:
Here's a recent clip from Radio Tabriz, Iran on 1026khz. Not a great signal, but not horrible.. modulation and audio leave something to be desired. The signal doesn't usually last long but will reappear several times during the morning sometimes. Audio:
I had Radio lasi 103.5 khz form Romania with glorious classical music, about as good as I've ever heard anything on 1050-1053, considering the beeping you hear in the background of this recording is my local 1kw airport beacon, only 1.5 miles away! (most beacons are 25 to 100 watts or so_. Audio:
I had BBC 5 Live Sports on 909khz the other day and briefly even had an echo in an earlier recording. First time heard here:
I'll share some other stations audio later on.
Paul Walker
McGrath, Alaska
CC Skywave and 5" DeBock FSL Loop
P.s. Yes, our milk and gas are that expensive. No, no roads come up here from Anchorage but we do have cars up here. Everything is flown in 6-9 months of the year and a barge is used in the summer.  Electricity is very expensive as well and internet is purely by satellite, no other options.  

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