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Apologies all. Paul Walker pointed out that I was confused about our DX Test sequence and needed to correct my report. 

Attached is a report on the November KSEN 1150 kHz DX Test from Montana. It was one of the most widely heard DX test in decades with receptions spanning the globe. It was also reported in virtually every part of North America.

Thanks to Todd Clark, KSEN, Paul Walker for arranging the test, and Joe Miller, KC80 for designing the QSL card and handling verifications. 

As we went to press, we received a late report and QSL report as well which is included below: 

I would like to report my reception of KSEN from November 8th on 1150 kHz.  My best reception came at 0238-0239 EST when I heard Morse code and the sweeping tones. At no time did I hear any voice announcements. There were four other stations on 1150 kHz which were causing interference, which included WCUE, CKOC, WHBY, and WIMA. This is #1 from Montana from my home in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

-James Paige, Sterling Heights, Michigan


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