Re: 2021 Radio Challenge - 50KW Stations

Peter Laws

On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 6:19 PM Richard Allen via
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There was time when WBZ was easily heard in Oklahoma, but it’s difficult now. When I was stationed at Beale AFB CA in 1969, it wasn’t unusual to hear WBZ, as well as WABC, WCBS, WNBC and most of the eastern clears. I use to listen to KOMA most nights. Then the FCC started screwing things up and now it’s mostly a log jam.

I have heard WBZ and WABC a couple of times this winter albeit briefly.
Clears are not what they used to be ... and really haven't been in 40
years. :-(

WABC, eh? A favorite when I was a kid ... but I was only 500 km due
north of them then! I shall try to log them ... perhaps whenever
Cousin Brucie has his show.

WABC and WCBS are still there, but WNBC pretends to be "WFAN" ... :-)

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