Oklahoma TP DX 1-9-21

Richard Allen

I listened from 1051 to 1401 GMT this morning. Reception of Asian signals was best early in the session and seemed to deteriorate later (LSR at 1342).

594 JOAK fair at 1301; fair-to-good at 1343; fade-out at 1401.
693 JOAB fair at 1151.
702 JOKD poor at 1318.
711 unID carrier (het) at 1338.
747 JOIB fair with WSB-750 QRM at 1136
774 JOUB fair-to-good on barefoot ULR 1052-1227.
828 JOBB fair at 1151.
873 JOGB poor at 1131; fair at 1334.
972 HLCA good on barefoot ULR at 1054, and still audible until 1359.
1044 unID (China?) poor (//Haida Gwaii SDR) at 1320-1327 with WHO-1040 splash.
1566 HLAZ fair on barefoot ULR at 1056; fair at 1330.

Does anyone have any idea what Chinese station I might have been hearing on 1044?

Receiver: Skywave SSB with FSL and barefoot as noted.

Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA.

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