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Jorge Garzón <iberiaDX@...>

Hi Pedro, 
Most of the EU DXers dream to get NA stations but this is not the only challenge to beat, and in my opinion there are more rewarding ones even closer than the Americas! 

Using an ULR, at the latitude you are and the place where you live, reception of TA stations are almost entirely rely on propagation conditions. The use of a small loop by induction helps very much and can brings a whisper into a readable signal. 

For me there are 4 main challenges that could be interesting to achieve, mainly for EU members of this group. 

1. Iberia on MW. Hear all radiocountries in Iberia and associated territories with Spanish provinces and Portuguese districts/regions. 
2. UK & Ireland on MW. Trying to get the more UK counties and/or territories in and around the British Isles. 
3. The Arabic MW Challenge. Hear all the countries/territories broadcasting in Arabic or from Arab countries on MW. 
4. The EU MW Challenge. Get all radiocountries in Europe and associated territories (Gibraltar is not a country, but a valid radiocountry, as the Canaries are, for instance). 

Paul Logan and I are thinking to propose some of these awards to the group and Gary is already informed to know your opinion.

The 'IberiaDX' group that I manage on has the Iberia DX on MW award that maybe could be also adapted to an ULR category. 

Why I am pointing to these kind of challenges? Spain and the UK are by far the only EU countries keeping a very decent MW stations networks, but this is starting to change. The UK has closed at least 10 MW transmitters in the latest year and a half, Spain a couple of them and there are at least 8 more with technical faults or antenna mismatching. At the beginning of fall this 2021 new programs will be announced and being in the COVID era, we could see many RNE (the Spanish National Radio) txers switching off forever. Czech republic has already announced 31dec2021 as the final date for its MW transmissions. The two remaing txers in France (Roumoules on 1467 and  Bretagne 5 on 1593 are in a countdown), so Europe walks firmly to the end of MW radio broadcastings. 

Is then, our last choice to enjoy and try these challenges while last!! 

Of course after a door bang with no challenges at sight; a new one will open with more challenges to come! 😉

Happy and safe 2021 crossing to everybody in the group! 


Jorge Garzón Gutiérrez "IberiaDX" 
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En jueves, 7 de enero de 2021 22:48:59 CET, Pedro Porres <pporres@...> escribió:

What challenges do you propose to start me on the medium wave? I just got a Sangean Dt-250 as a gift and I'm testing it. Thank you.

Pedro Porres Oliva
Córdoba, Spain.

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