Re: Challenges

keith beesley

Dear Pedro,

For a relatively modest challenge, you could try to hear any nearby European or North African country. (on mediumwave, at night, of course). For a bigger challenge, you could try for one of the powerful US east coast stations, eg WFAN 660, WOR 710, WABC 770, WCBS 880 from New York City. You will have the best luck for transatlantic stations if you listen in the early morning hours, just before your local sunrise. Also keep in mind that North American stations are spaced 10 kHz apart.

Keith Beesley
Seattle WA USA

On Thu, Jan 7, 2021 at 1:48 PM, Pedro Porres
<pporres@...> wrote:
What challenges do you propose to start me on the medium wave? I just got a Sangean Dt-250 as a gift and I'm testing it. Thank you.

Pedro Porres Oliva
Córdoba, Spain.

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