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Paul Blundell

Thanks for the information Paul, I didn't know that about super heavy duty batteries.

On Mon., 4 Jan. 2021, 01:44 Paul S. in CT, <dxrx@...> wrote:
I've been using Rayovac alkalines for 10 years, in that time I have found 1 dead battery, and one weak battery. Otherwise no problems. Using these in a R-911 or R-9012 seems to solve as 2800 mahr at a 5.5ma continuous discharge (Thats 500 hours radio life folks). Higher discharges will lower the expected mahr. In a PL-310 battery life was just over 96 hours continuous.

1.) Alkalines today have a shelf-life of 10 years
2.) Look for "Best used by" date on any package, If you don't see one, don't buy. period.
3.) On occasion that date is on the battery. Thats OK.
4.) NEVER buy an alkaline with less than 7 years future date.
5.) Super Heavy Duty batteries are a different chemistry, with shorter shelf life and "Best Used By" dates. For these be strict about 4 years future time. The capacity starts out at about 40% of an alkaline, and reduces FASTER.

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