Re: Video - Medium Wave Interference

Ken Kizer

On Sun, 3 Jan 2021 19:46:41 +1100, "Paul Blundell via"
<tanger32au@...> wrote:

Over the past few weeks I have noticed some interference on the medium wave
band. This seems to be more noticable during the day but a couple of times
overnight it has appeared at random times. I have walked around the house
and can't find the source.

The video below shows it:
When I'm tracking interference, I usually cycle through the circuit
breakers, turning off one at a time, in the house breaker box. At
least I can tell if it's in the house or not.

The last time, I isolated it to the garage breaker, then, unplugging
one thing at a time, found it was the cable TV provider's box outside
(Verizon FIOS ONT)- not the power supply, the actual converter box.
Swapping in a new one didn't fix it however, so now I just turn it
(and the garage door opener) off if I want to dx.

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