Re: Happy Ultralight New Year (Read at Own Risk)

Gary DeBock

On Fri, Jan 1, 2021 at 05:51 AM, Phillip Fimiani wrote:
Happy New Year Gary,
Spent the early morning listening to AM on the east coast on my ATS909, picked up 33 stations easily. My PL380 ... 1 station!! Time to open up an have a look see...  It has the added ferrite coil on the outside, but its dead as a doornail.... Even my SRF-39 picks up a lot....without an external inductive coil !
Fun for the new year...

Happy New Year Phil (and Paul, Keith and All),

Phil, it sounds like your PL-380 might have one of the external ferrite coil leads disconnected from the RF circuit board. The PL-380' circuit board connection points for the loopstick are kind of flimsy, and subject to problems like this unless the Litz wire is soldered very carefully, with minimum heat and solder,



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