Happy Ultralight New Year (Read at Own Risk)

Gary DeBock

Hi Guys,
This is re-posted from an original message on January 1, 2008-- right in the middle of the original Ultralight Radio Boom here in North America. At the time the wild SRF-59 craze had rocked the MW-DXing community, to the extent that 95% of the daily posts on the IRCA list were related to Ultralight Radios. Arrangements were made by John Bryant to set up our own Yahoo Group, thereby ensuring that the IRCA list would not be "hijacked" by the wildly enthusiastic pocket radio fanatics.
73 and Happy New Year,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)
The weather is icy, the snow is quite deep...

The TA's and TP's have fallen asleep.

The bands they are dreary, the Asians are gone...

The current conditions provoke a big yawn.

But deep in our hearts, we know there is hope..

A new day is dawning, no reason to mope.

We hold in our hands the key to success..

A tiny receiver that banishes stress.

It warms the winter like cookies from Mom,

And zaps IBOC gloom like a nuclear bomb.

It nulls all your pests, eats locals for lunch...

And of all of your toys is the best of the bunch!

When winter is over, and spring shall appear..

We all know DXers will jump with great cheer.

For tiny receivers will lead us to joy...

And make us all feel like we did as a boy.

We may not be young now, and over the hill..

But these tiny toys still provoke a great thrill.

The Club, it has hope now, the future is bright..

Happy New Year to All... with a new Ultralight!

73 and Apologies to All, Gary

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