Re: Batteries

Phil Pasteur

I think that Duracell cells  have a very spotty track record as of late, anyway. I definitely like rechargeable cells  over any alkaline batteries. Especially for anything that does not get cells removed or replaced often.
So, yeah, until they turn things around and I have evidence of that, I avoid them.

As to the scanner guy, Paul..

"The problem was caused by 1 of the AA batteries that came out of the battery charger after charging all night that wasn't fully charged. The battery must have been bad and wouldn't fully charge anymore."

He should have checked... I always do. The MC9000 makes this extremely easy, BTW.

What can I say, crap happens. More often than not with user error involved, yes?  But if one is responsible in the use of the NiMH cells (monitoring charge levels, and capacity, occasionally. for instance), it is a rare occurrence No battery can make up for incompetence by the user!!.

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