Re: FM Loggings - 13/12/2020

Paul Blundell

Thanks Art.

Now that the weather is "meant" to be improving, I will be getting out and about more. I have a DXing (MW and FM) planned for later on and hope this will produce some good results.


On Thu, Dec 17, 2020 at 5:27 AM K7DWI Art <k7dwicn82@...> wrote:

Hi Paul and others,
A reminder....
You are now at the peak of the Spring/Summer Sporadic Es Season (Summer Solstice) Down Under.
When you DX the FMBC bands, I would extend the arms of the Rabbit Ears 45 degrees or more to make them directional. Polarization on Es does not matter, so using it as a Dipole does.
Use a radio that can utilizes RDS. It makes life easier to identify. 
In addition, start in the lower part of the band and work your way up as conditions improve.
With Es, the frequency (MUF) increases as it intensifies. You see it at 87 MHz before 108.
I would love to do that from where you are located. It would be so much fun.

You want to read what I have done just playing around, my Blog post on DXing FMBC with a $17 US RTL-SDR:
Enjoy, have fun.
Art Jackson K7DWI  in Southern Oregon, formerly central Arizona and north Texas 


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