Re: FM Loggings - 13/12/2020

Paul Blundell

Thanks Richard. If I can get over 50-75 stations at this point, I will be very happy.

On Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 2:21 PM Richard Allen via <> wrote:

To date, I have logged 878 FM stations using a barefoot ultralight receiver, primarily a Tecsun PL-606.  Of the stations heard, 354 stations were propagated by sporadic-E (Es).  The most distance signal was 2346 km, from KKRZ, 100.3 MHz, Portland, Oregon.  My longest distance signal by meteor reflection (Ms) is KRNS, 95.1 MHz, Kinston, North Carolina, at 1815 km.  I’ve also heard KRNS via Es.

All it requires is checking the band at the right time and a lot of patience.  It’s somewhat easier in North America because of the overwhelming number of stations.

Good DX.

Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA.


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