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Peter Laws

On Sun, Dec 13, 2020 at 5:22 PM Paul Blundell <> wrote:

Thanks all.

I have been looking at these:

I use NiMH cells (Eneloop) exclusively.

If I *had* to get non-rechargeable (because I forgot to bring extra
NiMHs!) I would only get alkaline cells. I'm surprised that
carbon-zinc cells are still sold - it's obsolete battery chemistry.
I'm sure there is some niche where they fit but ... go for the
alkalines if you don't want to do rechargeables. If you are really
worried about leakage (which is a real thing and damaging), get in the
habit of popping one out when you are done for the day. The cells are
almost always in series, so popping one out breaks the circuit.

I did have my PL-606 apart the other day (I should post that video)
and found that even with the AAs out of the radio, there is a
capacitor or something in there that holds up the clock and the
thermometer. I was confused for several minutes!

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