Re: Batteries


I too have have had problems with Duracell in the past year with leaking.  I bought a box of batteries about a year ago and needed to replace some batteries in a radio. The batteries had only been in the radio for a couple of months and the radio had been off most of this time.  When I looked in the box, some of the batteries in the box had leaked.  I did a video of this situation on my YouTube channel and someone commented that Duracell will replaced anything that was damaged.  So I send Duracell an email and within 24 hours they sent me a credit for the price of the radio that was damaged and a coupon for a replacement box of batteries.  This was about a year ago and since that time I have stopped using Duracell.  I now remove batteries from device that I don't use often, especially expensive radios.  I have been using the Amazon batteries with no problems for over a year now. They probably have many different companies make their batteries so I would not recommend them.  I do use rechargeable a lot now and I use the brand Eneloop (from Panasonic) sold by Amazon and never had a problem so far.

Tom Stiles

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