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Peter Laws

On Fri, Dec 11, 2020 at 12:50 PM Phil Pasteur <> wrote:

A coup[le of those radios are in excess of 15 years old. I have never had one of the batteries leak. In fact, even with frequenting places that discuss batteries often, I have never yet heard of a NiMH battery leaking. That doesn't mean that they don', but I think it is exceptionally rare.
I do find that I get slightly less runtime out of them versus a fresh set of alkaline batteries. But it is not a real problem, as I always keep a charged set on hand.
I think that's right - surely there is a situation where they will
leak, but it appears that you have to work at it to get any damage.

Yes, pretty much any rechargeable cell will have less run-time than a
fresh alkaline. But you don't throw away your investment at the end
of the cell's life, you pop it in the charger and go through it all
again. And again and again. Cheaper in the long run for you, not
nearly as many cells in the landfill for your grandchildren to
scavenge and barter to Jeff Bezos' robot replacement for food pellets,
many hours of listening without running to a store (assuming you have
more than one set of NiMHs, which you should).

Eneloops aren't the right answer for every type of device but they
sure work swell in radios.

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