Re: Batteries

Phil Pasteur

I agree about the Eneloops. I have (literally) 18 radios that I keep Eneloops in. 12 of those live mostly in their cases in a drawer. I take those out every 6 months or so and cycle the batteries for freshly charged Eneloops. 
A coup[le of those radios are in excess of 15 years old.  I have never had one of the batteries leak. In fact, even with frequenting places that discuss batteries often, I have never yet heard of a NiMH battery leaking. That doesn't mean that they don', but I think it is exceptionally rare.
I do find that I get slightly less runtime out of them versus a fresh set of  alkaline batteries. But it is not a real problem, as I always keep a charged set on hand.

I have gone through and replaced nearly all of the AA cells in all my devices with the NiMH cells. I have gotten real tired of going to use a device and having to clean it up, or discard  it dues to cell leakage. 
I have tried all of the major brands and had all of them leak. I think that Duracell are the worst, with the "Kirkland"  batteries from Costco coming in a very close second.

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