Re: October 2020 Rockwork 2 Asia TP-DXpedition Article

Gary DeBock

On Fri, Dec 11, 2020 at 02:08 AM, Paul Blundell wrote:
Excellent report as always and you have done a great job with these LOGGINGS, including getting some confirmation via Facebook.
Thanks Paul,

Any time you can combine salt water and a plunging ocean cliff the transoceanic DX results are likely to be thrilling, as long as the ocean cliff is facing in your desired DX direction. This assumes that the ocean cliff weather isn't equally thrilling.

I'm sure that Tasmania has some excellent ocean beaches on its east coast where you could really push your long range DXing luck around sunset, and probably track down various Pacific islands. When I was in the Cook Islands in 2018 (April) the long range DX would start showing up from North and South America up to two hours prior to sunset, and the east coast of Kauai (Hawaii) was the same way. Finding an ocean cliff can also really cut down the noise and splatter from domestic stations on the back side.



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