Re: Local Power Lines and DXing

Paul Blundell

Thanks Jorge.

Some areas do have underground power but most is above ground on poles, like in my photo.

On Mon., 7 Dec. 2020, 19:55 Jorge Garzón via, <> wrote:
QRM is our main nightmare these days, no doubt! 
But I am still shocked with electric lines in Australia, Canada, the States together with some EU countries. When I lived in Oz and later visited the USA and Canada, I found electric poles and air cables a real mess. Fortunately, here in Spain electric distribution lines have to be buried in urban areas and/or encapsulated to avoid crossing streets, parks and open areas. Of course there are still some to be arranged but the most of them are well organised. 

Unfortunately, this is not an 'insurance' to avoid QRM as house appliances, street lights, house IF filters (none) or transformers are still there, so being a DXer or serious radiolistener involves a carefully place to live or enjoy radio and nature most of the times. 

¡Buen DX! 

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En domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2020 23:46:02 CET, Paul Blundell <tanger32au@...> escribió:

Over the weekend we had a small power outage (due to weather). During this time I noticed a real drop in the background noise on the band. Before I could do much testing, the power came back on.

Below is a photo of the power lines outside my house, would this be adding to my issues?

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