Re: Future of Radio DXing Hobby



I have been a lifelong radio lover and that interest in receiving AM (and to a lesser extent SW) signals out of the air will never leave me. I also love the radios themselves and find joy just playing around with them and I love to look at my radio gives me pleasure just to own them. I find ways to incorporate radio listening in my daily life and I augment what I can receive by using my own home AM and FM transmitters to program music and Old Time Radio shows through my radios both new and vintage. Andi  if you've seen my reviews you know that I love to compare radios from the point of view of the typical user experience and this radio hobby is something I enjoy in one form or another every day,

Occasionally I find I have to stream something which cannot be received in my local area and I do that out of necessity but streaming gives me no radio excitement...I use it only to hear things I couldn't hear otherwise but I don't like the streaming experience whatsoever. For example, I used to work at WTIC in Hartford, CT which cannot be received here in Kentucky due not only to WTIC'S nighttime directional pattern away from me but also a local station near me on the same frequency. So I will stream it on my phone to hear what's going on but because all of the breaks are localized to my new local area lots of the flavor of the station is gone. Plus this automated localization is not smooth and often parts of the program are's nothing like being able to hear it off the air. 

But back to radio as a hobby - I'm not sure we can do much about the fact that young people growing up have no idea what radio is other than in a car, especially AM radio, and how many people even own radios in their houses anymore? One thing I do is to gift radios to people I know and sometimes they use them but they don't feel any particular excitement about it. I gave a high  performance radio to my niece and her main comment about it is that the clock doesn't keep perfect time like her phone does. I think she uses it for FM in her kitchen sometimes. My hope is that even though radio may be dwindling overall it is still here and all we can do is to enjoy it...I don't think we can do much to reverse the trend. Where I lived in CT and also here in KY the AM and FM dials are still FULL of signals so I think radio will be with us at least for the foreseeable future. And again, home broadcasting is one way to be sure we will always be ale to at least use our radios.



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