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kevin asato

Hi Paul, 
Serious listening to radio tends to take a back seat in life as i still have a day job to deal with (Please, i am not belittling others activities). Interestingly enough, it involves point to point microwave radios of the analog and digital varieties as well as flavors of Land Mobile Radio (LMR/2-way) radio systems that tie into the IP/MPLS router backhaul networks that I help deploy. I stated my day job in this manner as that is where I see the migration away from radio interests to computers and networking. A lot of the radio shops i used to work with have been absorbed into the network shop with radio treated with the same regard as fiber. I find myself having to explain radios, T1, and analog voice circuits to those only knowing VoIP, cell phones, and Ethernet technologies to a lot of new hires straight out of school as the older technologies seemingly do not exist. The most difficult is having to explain to my wife that WiFi and Bluetooth are radios! It does not compute to her.

In my free time, I am trying to (re)learn CW to get my speed up to a level beyond 5-10wpm. i have just wound a Quaker Oats box to see if I can get a crystal receiver to tune below 500KHz. It would be interesting to see what i can hear as i live almost next to a 50KW barn burner. Probably pointless but hey, it's a hobby and my spare time. If i don't try it, i will never know.

I appreciate reading you postings. i used to be a bit more serious in my high school days when i had lots of spare time. So for the meantime, serious listening is taking a back seat to solving my problems of the day.

On Sun, Nov 29, 2020 at 7:11 PM Paul Blundell <tanger32au@...> wrote:

All hobbies have people who are involved with them to different levels, this can be anything from a casual passing interest to the other extreme where they are a major part of your life and something you see as fundamental to your life, happiness and wellbeing.


Over the years I have been involved in a number of hobbies, with a number of these I was involved at a high level and have seen how “seriously” some people take their hobbies.


This year I have really taken on the radio hobby and have focused on ultralight radio DXing, this I have found is a great fit for me. What I have found is that generally speaking, you have people who fit in to two groups, those who take on the hobby at a less serious, more casual level and those who are more serious / dedicated to their hobby with not many people who fit in between.


What I have noticed is that as the average age of radio DX’ers has increased and sadly with more passing on, we don’t seem to have many people coming along as “the next generation” who are willing and able to take on the hobby and see these in to the future. Those younger people generally seem to fit in to the first group.


How seriously do you take the radio hobby? Do you see yourself taking on a more active / driving role in the future? Where do you see the radio hobby in 10 – 20 years’ time?


What can we as a hobby do to keep ourselves relevant today and bring more young people in to the hobby, who will drive this going forward? I don’t have all the answers, I just don’t want to see our radio hobby die.




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