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Paul Blundell

That sounds like a great idea. I am planning a portable shootout, once my newest ones arrive.


On Sun., 29 Nov. 2020, 00:26 Jorge Garzón via, <> wrote:
I would like to start a new section in the blog call 'Test Bench' where I will test portables, UL and similar receivers. I will focus on empiric testing instead to analyze their technical specifications. BTW today's tech info included, together with manuals and directions, are extremely poor most of the times. 

So, I would like to standardize some testings and would like to hear suggestions, if any. 

Medium Wave and FM (VHF Band II)
(*) - If any other usable band would be included and test it.

Year of appearance, versions, weigth, size, robustness, portability, plug-ins, buttons and prices.

A. QTH, at home, with unavoidable noise, under real conditions. The receiver response will be better or worse depending on each one's conditions. 
B. Portable, in the field. More or less an ideal site QRM free to check receiver's features. I will do it close at home (pic-nic area at about 300 m away). 

Daylight tests (Ground wave) 
1. Selectivity. With two local stations aside, check filter effectiveness (adjacent QRM and splatter.) 
2. Sensitivity. Tuning in to far and weak signals, the weakest and furthest, the better.
3. Stations nulling. Rejection capacity with ferrite and/or whip. 
4. External antenna. How the receiver performs with an external loop, vertical or small aerials connected. (by induction or direct connection). 

Nighttime (Sky wave)
5. Stations nulling. Rejection capacity with ferrite and/or whip. 
6. QRM Inmunnity (There are more QRM sources at night that can be transmitted and received, affecting to listening conditions). 

7. Audio quality. 
8. Ease of use.

What do you think about it?


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