Re: Long Term DX Project - 27/11/2020

Paul Blundell

Great to hear.

Most nights I can log stations on most frequencies, I have been keeping a list of this and will update this in the next few weeks as I get time.

On Fri., 27 Nov. 2020, 23:07 Max Italy, <max2013@...> wrote:

Hi Paul, i tried to listen the KiwiSDR near Launceston at 11.00 UTC and i see signals in all the 9kHz channels and 5 or 6 more in the extended band. That makes a total of more than 100 stations.
The antenna is a Carolina Windom 40
According to my experience with a kiwiSDR near my home with similar antenna i think that most of these signals should be received with a indoor air loop antenna or FSL. Maybe not all in the same night because many are below readability but many of them.

What is your experience?

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