A step back

Richard Allen

When I began ultralight DX-ing, I primarily used a barefoot Sony SRF-T615 and using it heard most of the station I’ve logged since.  So this morning, I decided to put the Skywave and FSL combo aside to listen again with the tiny Sony.  Among the stations heard before sunrise were CBK 540, CKRM 620 and CKOM 650 from Saskatchewan.  Last evening I was able to pull KDKA passed local (24 km away) KOKP.  There is definitely more QRM now than a decade ago.  It’s impossible to hear a clear channel signal anywhere on the broadcast band such as 40-50 years ago.  While the T615 lacks the good signal selectivity it has outstanding nulling ability.  

Happy Thanksgiving Day and good DX all.

Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA.

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