Re: AR-1733 Fault

Gord Seifert

  Hope that does not effect the AR-1780! Just had one arrive yesterday and am pretty impressed. It seems just as good as either the PL-310et or the Eton Satellit Grundig Edition in reception. The AGC is far better than that in theTecsun where it is way too slow to keep up with fluttery fading. Also the bandwidth filters seem much more usable than those in the Tecsun where they seem to accentuate the high pitched background hiss. Audio is better than the Tecsun but not as good as the Satellit. The SSB is far better than the Satellit's. In the Satellit it is mainly useless for use on a normal signal to select one sideband or the other to avoid interference from a nearby signal. The AR-1780's SSB is very useful for that. Exremely stable! And the separate fine tuning wheel is wonderful. With SSB, on it is just like the extremely fine tuning of the Satellit, plus or minus very small amounts, which should be excellent for a true SSB signal. WIth SSB off, the fine tuning is in 1kHz steps so you almost never need to chose between fast and slow on the main tuning knob. ATS works but is not near as useful as in either of the others. There is no provision for deleting, copying or pasting a frequency that I can find. Do a scan and you need to keep your eyes on it since it just flashes up a message that it is saving something into a particular slot. If you miss the message you won't know how many frequencies it saved. You can not browse through saved frequencies with the tuning knob like you can with the PL-380et. You need to press 0 through 9 and then switch to another page and again press 0 through 9 again to scan through them. But least there are 10 slots per page, a bit more sensible than the Satellit where a page has seven slots. Nice radio! I would not like to see it die like the AR-1733 seems to do.


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