The Ross DX Challenge

Jorge Garzón

Paul Logan and me were 'twittering" yesterday and talking about the choice to repeat the '300 MW stations heard over 30 days' which is the main rule (not the only one) to get the mentioned award. Paul, that got it in 2008 said that this is a much more difficult challenge today that on 2008 due to several MW EU stations now dismantled or non operatives.

So, talking and talking we decided to start the Challenge again from yesterday 10th November at 16:30z to 10th December, finishing at the same UTC time. Our local sunset is around 17:30 CEST (UTC+1).

We have been spreading the idea in Twitter and some national radio forums and we found another Spanish folk that will take part on it from today/tomorrow. On Twitter we will use the tag #UltralightDX to easily tracking the posts and results. We've also opened profiles on FMLIST for our loggins.

I am also posting my progress on a daily basis (in Spanish thus I promote the Ultralight side of the hobby in Spain and for Spanish speakers abroad) here:

It's fun and rewarding indeed! This morning I've recorded Radio Nacional de Paraguay on 920 kHz just on the barefoot of my DEGEN. More than 9.000 km away from IN83AG, the grid from where I am listening. A new distance record for me operating with this light or ultralight portables and no external aids at all.

¡Buen DX!

Jorge Garzón (EB7EFA · EA1036 SWL) 
QTH: IN83ag / 43º15' N · 03º56' W
Urb. San Roque 95, casa 5 (Villasevil)
39698 Santiurde de Toranzo (ESPAÑA - SPAIN)
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