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Gary DeBock

<<<   Hi Gary and the rest of the group. 
I have read the lack of volunteers for the award program. I would like to share with you my goodwill to help if you decide to re-start the program. I am used to Photoshop environment and I have enough time to help without compromising my radio listening sessions, more now that we have re-structured our working schedules due to COVID-19. 
I have colaborated as editor with DX bulletins and even I helped RNE in Sevilla as a QSL manager just for a better developping of radio and DXing culture. I also sometimes design QSL cards for free radio stations (I include one of the QSL that I designed for Radio Merlin Int this past springtime, designed entirely with Adobe Photoshop). 
Jorge Garzón (EB7EFA · EA1036 SWL)    >>>

Dear Jorge,

Thank you very much for your generous offer to volunteer your services to prepare the Ultralight Radio Award Certificates. Because of your Adobe Photoshop experience and extensive hobby knowledge you certainly are uniquely qualified for administration of the program! Thank you also for posting the sample artwork in the QSL photo, which is very creative and beautiful.

The Ultralight Radio Award Certificates were originally designed by our co-founder John Bryant, who chose some beautiful artwork with classic radio themes. He administered the program until he had an unfortunate accident in 2011, after which I volunteered to take on his duties. Since I was pretty busy at the time it was tough to satisfy the demand for the certificates, which is why the program has been inactive for the past few years. As such, your offer to volunteer your services is very much appreciated. On the other hand, if at any time you feel that the program requires too much of your time and effort, you certainly are welcome to resign your services.

I plan to send you some of the Master Certificate samples in the next few days, which you are welcome to improve or modify at your preference. We can discuss some of the awards that will be offered, as well as the requirements for submission. Thank you again very much for your generous offer!

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)
Ultralight Radio Group Co-Founder



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