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Welcome Jorge.
No apologies on your English. It is by far much better than my Spanish can ever be!

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My name is Jorge and I write you from Northern Spain, region of Cantabria. I live in a quiet rural area where I have a lovely countryside, a beautiful landscape and something very important for a radiolistener and DXer: low to very low QRM and noise. In the past I lived in Australia, New Zealand and France. I am a ham operator with call EB7EFA and SWL EA1036. 

I will try to express myself in English, so I apologize for any written misleading that I make, and PSE tell me in case of this happens. 

I am involved in radiolistening since 1980 mainly devoted to LW (Utilities and NDB) and MW broadcasting and maritime comms. Now that I already have 35 yr as a DXer, I remember when I started in 1999 to run LW/MW DXP to the Coast of Portugal that after a long discontinued period, I started them again in 2019. 

Would be extremely long and maybe boring to bring here my different times as a DXer but I will highlight my first receiver in 1980 offered by my parents, an analog Grundig YB300 which one I discovered the (radio)world. Years later I got a Sony ICF-2010, an after an ICOM R71A and a smaller SONY SW55 (this one much better to fit in my rucksack as I often go walking and I am a keen bycicle tourer). Unfortunately, these two latests were lost when I moved in 2006 to Granada, as the moving services lost one of my boxes with these stuff and part of my QSL collection. A real loss!! 

Later on SDR arrived, and the technology overwhelmed the planet and changed our hobby forever. Recalling the song "Video killed the radio star" by The Buggles, I often say that "Tech killed the hobby of DX" because the challenge of hearing distant and weak signals counting on the propagation and antennae has been dramatically changed to constantly try new software solutions and more powerful computers. If I need a computer and a screen to hear, that's not radio for me, but a signal processing instead, which obviously it's not the same.

In a real sense the hobby has now exceed our own human capacity to store and analyse thing in the right dimension (in a way seems to me a self-lying). I see my external HD with several Gb of recorded I/Q and think.. Uhhhmmm, what for? Is this a kind of storing obsession? So, as I love the simplicity and managing my own time and capabilities, I started looking back to the essentials. 

Years back, when I travelled to Southern Spain where my family's home is, I used to listen in some spots by the coastal cliffs (not far from where my diving club is) and tested that I heard better African MW stations and NDB signals. One day, searching the web I found an article by Gary deBock describing a similar effectbut with stunning results, so actually that's why I am here! 

I am re-thinking now my DXing techniques to come back exclusively to portable and start to re-design my goals after have been able to hear hundreds of countries, much of them on MW and also on VHF Band II. 

I have now a DEGEN 1103 (non DSP) portable and a Sangean HDR-14. I am waiting a Tecsun PL-330 to arrive in a few days. 

I would like to build a FSL antenna and I probably have some question to share with you. I am also here to help (if requested) to collaborate with some areas of the group. 

Thank you very much for having created this DXing corner. 

¡Saludos desde España! 

Jorge Garzón (EB7EFA · EA1036 SWL) 
QTH: IN83ag / 43º15' N · 03º56' W
Urb. San Roque 95, casa 5 (Villasevil)
39698 Santiurde de Toranzo (ESPAÑA - SPAIN)
Blog: IberiaDX  · Twitter: @IberiaDX

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