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Gary DeBock

On Sat, Nov 7, 2020 at 11:38 PM, Jorge Garzón wrote:
Years back, when I travelled to Southern Spain where my family's home is, I used to listen in some spots by the coastal cliffs (not far from where my diving club is) and tested that I heard better African MW stations and NDB signals. One day, searching the web I found an article by Gary deBock describing a similar effectbut with stunning results, so actually that's why I am here! 
Hello Jorge,

This is Gary DeBock, and we are very honored to welcome you to our group!

Like you, I have always thought that live DXing provides the most fun, challenge and excitement-- because you need to use all of your knowledge, skill and experience to track down rare DX on multiple frequencies during limited sunrise and sunset propagation openings. You cannot depend on a computer or software to track everything down, so success or failure is completely up to you! You need to make quick choices on which frequencies will provide rare DX before the band crashes, and because of this you also need to know which exotic stations are on which frequencies before you even show up at an ocean beach (or cliff).

The DXing excitement goes up dramatically if you can set up a portable listening station on an ocean side cliff, which can greatly boost up transoceanic DX signals to assist you! We have discovered one such ocean side cliff which easily broke all New Zealand MW-DXing records (Rockwork 4, on the Oregon state coast), and just last month I tried out a new Asia-oriented cliff on the same mountain (Rockwork 2). I was only using a modified Ultralight radio and a tiny 6 inch (15cm) FSL antenna, but the ocean side cliff (and great propagation) made it perform like gangbusters, providing reception of 576-Myanmar, 594-Myanmar, 729-Myanmar and 918-Cambodia, with a possible logging of 675-AIR (still under investigation). A photo of the Rockwork 2 DXpedition cliff is attached with this post.

I will be very honored to assist you in FSL antenna construction,  ocean cliff propagation advice or any other subject, Jorge. We are very happy to welcome you to the group, and wish you the best of DX!

73, Gary DeBock, N7EKX
Ultralight Radio Group Co-Founder


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