Re: October Rockwork 2 Ocean Cliff DXpedition Summary

Paul Blundell

Thanks for the excellent information Gary. 
I am heading down the east coast next month, I will pencil in some "radio time" before sunset.

On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 2:51 PM Gary DeBock via <> wrote:
On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 07:47 PM, Paul Blundell wrote:
I have a question: How did you first come across this spot? I ask as I am thinking of researching around Tasmania to see if we have anywhere which might offer the same sort of boast to signals as you experiance.


If you would like long range DXing success across thousands of miles of ocean, the first step is to understand long range propagation.

1)  On Tasmania, you should try to set up on an ocean beach on the eastern coast of Tasmania around sunset for best results, and start listening two hours before sunset for long range DX signals from North and South America, Hawaii, the Pacific islands and New Zealand. Remember that Hawaiian, North and South American signals will be on a different frequency system (530, 540, 550 etc.).

2)  If you want to chase long range signals from the west, try sunrise DXing, ideally on the west coast of Tasmania.

3)  Look for an ocean side cliff that would offer easy access. The best place to chase DX is halfway up the slope, but you need to make sure that the cliff is facing the same direction as your desired DX signals.

3)  Your chances of long range DXing success vary greatly according to the season. North America is currently in its peak season for Asian DX, while August and September are our peak months for Australia and NZ reception. Other Oz DXers can give you more details on these seasonal changes in your local environment.





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