Re: ODP: [UltralightDX] The RADIOWOW R-108 is in the Amazon Prime-Day deals for $41.57

Paul Blundell

Thanks for the ideas, I might give this a try with some of my radios.


On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 5:38 PM mediumwavedx <desertbilly@...> wrote:
I was thinking one might put some gold or brownish colored cellophane over the display. That would reduce the brightness and also eliminate the bluish tint. Sounds silly but it might work! Now, where can we find that?

Then it hit me that those grayish cellophane packets that ICs come in for experimenters might do it. I recently bought some parts and I had some so I tried it. It works. Some packets are darker than others and work better.

I'd hate to tear into my new little radio just yet!



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