CLARIFICATION-- WNJC 1360 DX Test Saturday, October 16-- EURO SPECIAL & 5 kW DAY POWER

Les Rayburn

CLARIFICATION: The test is the normal late night Saturday into Sunday morning period. The error is mine in editing. Apologies. Thanks to Andrew of the Medium Wave Circle for flagging the mistake. - Les 

The Courtesy Program Committee (CPC) of the International Radio Club of America (IRCA) and the National Radio Club (NRC) are pleased to pass along details of another DX Test from WNJC 1360 in Washington Township, NJ. 

Details of this special two-part test were passed along by their Chief Engineer Duke Hamann: 


"So this week I am switching things up a bit. I am going to try to give the inland folks over the pond a better chance to and copy our FT-8 test. I will be starting 2 hours early with the FT-8 DX test at 02:00 UTC Saturday night 10/17 (10:00pm 10/17 EDT). We will be operating our regular 2 tower, 800 watt nighttime pattern to the SSE.” 

This test will be in the amateur radio weak-signal mode FT8, which can be received well below audible levels. The signal is transmitted in AM (double-sideband) and good results have been achieved by setting your receiver to LSB or USB mode. Google “Getting Started on FT8” to get started. Recommend that you test on 20 Meters tomorrow or Friday to make sure you’re ready to go. 

This is the best chance for DX’ers across the pond to receive this station. 

WNJC AM Coverage Map


"At 04:00 UTC the FT-8 test will conclude and we will conduct the DX audio test continuing on our nighttime pattern. At 0500 UTC I will be switching to our daytime pattern at 5kw using 4 towers directional to SSE with the DX audio test concluding at 0600 UTC. From 0600 - 1000 UTC I will be leaving the transmitter in daytime mode but be playing our normal playlist of 80s - 2010 pop, rock, dance, country and whatever else I grew up listening to and feel like playing. Listen for the sweepers between songs of movie & tv show clips along with our voice-over guy.” 

This sounds like a fun test and some great music too. Conditions have been good the past few days, so let’s hope this one is widely heard. 

Duke wrapped it up with the following message regarding verifications: 

Reception reports are greatly appreciated and can be emailed to kc2dux@... or snail mailed with at least a 4x6 SASE to PO Box 84 Dennisville, NJ 08214. I ordered 250 QSL cards and gave away 122 so far! I don't want to keep that many LOL! Look forward to having another fun weekend with the DXs out there!"


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