Re: Review - Digitech AR-1733 DSP MW/FM/LW/SW/Air World Band Radio Receiver

Michael Schuster

While It's great that this radio has continued to work out well for you, I am somewhat puzzled by the love.

When the CCrane Skywave was announced it was noticed that the Redsun-produced AR-1733 bore a remarkable physical resemblance to the upcoming product from Ccrane. Eventually it became apparent that this was the starting point from which the Skywave was redesigned as a new model.

Intrigued by this, I ordered one from Jaycar's US web site and played with it for while; was totally unimpressed. The main issue was the lack of any effective AGC on the AM-modulated bands. It was impossible to get any useable volume out of the thing even on moderately strong signals.

Rather than return it, I sent mine to Gary DeBock (who was gracious enough to offer to repay me for it!) who did a complete teardown. He he subsequently compared with a teardown of the Skywave once it hit the market. As noted in his initial review of the Skywave it has completely different redesigned internals which, among other things, corrected the AGC issue. Perhaps later production runs of the AR-1733 addressed this.

I see the Skywave listed on Amazon AUS but there is no price as they don't have any stock. 

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