Oklahoma TP DX 10-16-20

Richard Allen

I listened from 1203 until 1246 and only some of the “top guns” were heard.

702 unID het heard against KHSE at 1231.

747 JOIB poor at 1207; fair at 1220 up to good by 1224.

828 JOBB poor in WCCO het at 1209.

972 HLCA poor-to-fair with strong het at 1203-1206; fair with KJLT het at 1216; poor at 1245 (LSR 1240) until fading under KCFO at 1246.

1566 HLAZ poor-to-fair at 1235 with slight XERF splatter.

Usual JOUB 774 wasn’t heard this morning.

Skywave SSB with 8-inch FSL. 

Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA.

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