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When I was referring to defeating soft mute, I meant particularly on the AM band, not the SW band.  If you try to tune a station on say AM 760 and then retune to 759 or 761, this gets rid of the soft mute action and the station audio then does not 'pump' with increasing or decreasing signal strength.  The audio level however does drop a bit when retuning +- 1Khz but can be compensated by increasing the volume level.  This technique works well on the Tecsun PL380 and PL390 radios. Note that the soft mute "feature" is not as aggressive on some Tecsun models as on others and also depends on the manufacture date. I have a PL380 from the year 2010 which soft mute is not nearly as aggressive as another which was manufactured in 2016.  😷

On Sun, Oct 11, 2020 at 3:50 PM Paul S. in CT <dxrx@...> wrote:
Update: the PL-330 does not defeat Soft Mute by tuning +/- 1kHz on the SW bands. Checked 9690 Spanish and it did not work. I know my PL-310 (before the 'et') also did this. One does need a reletively strong SW station. For example 9690 was 42:19 on frequency and when offset.The indication Soft Mute is defeated is the double zero on the right of the strength display. I get xx:00 on AM-BCB, not on SW

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