Re: Current "best" UL DXing Radio


Great points, Les and Remy.
I would agree with Les that the CC Skywave is the best in my lot and I have quite a few Ultralights. One I don't have, the Radiwow R-108, apparently is a design copy of the CC Skywave and might have similar specs for much less the price (about $50 U.S.). The only problem I have with the CC Skywave is the tuning dial is jittery when slowly rotated, causing channels to jump either up or down. But this seems to be a general problem with the cheap encoders that are being used these days.
Over the summer here in North America I have bought quite a few of the cheap Chinese analog-tuned DSP Ultralights (using SiLabs 483x chips). Though I have found some can be quite sensitive (like the Sangean SR-35 and the ultra cheap Dreamsky Pocket Radio), the SiLabs tuning algorithm is still wonky and masks a lot of weaker adjacent channel signals. It becomes tedious for serious DXing. Selectivity is also pretty poor on these units.
I'm also awaiting the reports on the PL-330 when it comes out. It might be a winner.

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