Peter Laws

So I'm back in the MWDXing game and am participating in this year's
IRCA contest as I did last year. Normally, I use my Sangean HDT-20
(not an ultralight) connected to a Select-A-Tenna (because it's 1976)
or, in the unlikely even that I am driving, the JCVKenwood unit in my
car and am doing OK station-wise

Or so I thought.

Last night while waiting for my spouse to come home, I sat on the
porch with the PL-606. Holy cow, am I missing a lot on the other
radios! Got three new stations (for the contest) with about 20
minutes of listening.

Granted, this probably says more about how I need to improve my setup
with the the other radios, but don't forget your Ultralights!!

Peter Laws | N5UWY | plaws plaws net | Travel by Train!

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