Re: C.Crane Skywave Vs. XHDATA D-808... 1 kHz DSP Audio Shootout

Gary DeBock

Thanks Dave and Jim for your comments,

So now the "score" is 3 to 1 for the Skywave, after adding the preferences of Steve R. and myself (who had kept silent until now). My own comments to Steve were:

<<<   So, which do you prefer?   >>>
I prefer the Skywave, just like you. 
Although neither portable will ever win any audio awards, the 1 kHz DSP audio in the Skywave seems slightly better balanced between treble and bass, which makes intelligibility and copying easier. As you probably already know, switching to a wider DSP setting for better audio doesn't really work here in the Pacific Northwest, because there is almost always a loud domestic station ready to splatter all over your weak DX if you try it. So we find ourselves pretty much stuck in the 1 kHz DSP setting for serious transoceanic DXing, when using these portables.
73, Gary      

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