Re: C.Crane Skywave Vs. XHDATA D-808... 1 kHz DSP Audio Shootout


Hi Gary, great comparison!

To me the D-808 wins. I think the Skywave has a bit 'sharper' sound, but there is more noise getting thru the filter and in certain types of fading, the Skywave has an almost raspy, hissy sound for short intervals. The D-808 sounds a bit more muffled, but steadier, with less noise getting thru the filter.....

I think both radios are great for portables, as is the Satellit Elite. The Sat doesn't have a 1Khz filter, but it pretty much matches the E5/G5/1103 in performance, as long as RF levels don't get high enough to mute it, which happens here in Grants Pass during the daytime. Those three are my current digital favorites. BTW, I think the Sangean DT-800 is a great radio for it's size too, with a good narrow bandwidth and no muting.

Dave Aichelman     N7NZH     Grants Pass, Oregon

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