WNJC-1360 DX Test --- TONIGHT

Les Rayburn

Chief Engineer Duke Hamann is assuring a place on the Christmas card list of every DX’er by conducting another DX Test tonight. 

WNJC, 1360 kHz, in Washington Township, NJ, will conduct a DX test from 0000 EDT (0400 UTC) until 0100 EDT (0500 UTC) tonight. 

The station will transmit with a power of 800 watts and their normal night antenna pattern, which is directly primarily to the SSE. There is also a smaller lobe to the NNW. 

Program material will be a mix of voice identification, Morse Code IDS at 10 and 12 WPM, sweep tones, telephone off-hook sounders, etc. 

For those on the East Coast of the United States, the test begins tonight at Midnight. 
It is possible that the test will run longer than one hour—but the first hour is guaranteed. If you don’t happen to log it by 0500 UTC, keep trying—and watch e-mail and real-time reflectors for reports that the test is continuing. 

According to CE Duke Hamann  if all goes well with this test, he plans to conduct additional DX tests during each of the three following Sundays.  Reception reports and notes of appreciation for conducting these tests may be sent to Duke at kc2dux@....

Thanks to Duke, the owners of WNJC, the IRCA/NRC Courtesy Program Committee, Bruce Wickert and Steve Howe for all their help in arranging this test, coordinating with the station, producing test materials, etc. 

Antenna Pattern for WNJC (Nighttime) 


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