Oklahoma TP DX 9-16-20

Richard Allen <dx747j@...>

TP signals were better here this morning (LSR 1213).

594 JOAK barely audible to poor.

603 unID barely audible trace of signal at 1207.

693 JOAB fair with severe KGGF QRM at 1213.

702 unID carrier signal heard between 1154 and 1216.

747 JOIB fair at 1051 with WSB splash; again at 1127 with CKJH splatter.

774 JOUB fair at 1041 with WBBM splatter; fair at 1127 with severe KSPI QRM.

828 JOBB fair with heterodyne at 1203.

972 HLCA poor with strong heterodyne at 1132.

1134 unID (either Japanese or Korean language) poor at 1156-1202.

1566 HLAZ poor fading in and out at 1147-1151.

Skywave SSB with ALA1530LNP.

Richard Allen,

near Perry OK USA.

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