WNJC 1360-NJ DX Test

Dave Hascall

This is from Paul Walker on the IRCA list. This might be a great chance to log New Jersey. I have this station in my log from a 06-07 series of DX Tests but not in my seldomly updated ULR logbook. It might be a great chance for PNW and European DXers.  This winter, I hope to consolidate and edit both my ULR and regular logbooks.

Dave in Indy


From Duke Hamann, Chief Engineer:
For the 2nd time in the stations history, this Saturday September 12 at 12 AM EST till 6AM EDT and Sunday September 13 at 12 AM EDT to 6 AM EDT WNJC 1360 AM in Washington Twp, NJ will be running a 2 night DX test.  We will be running our full daytime power of 5000 watts. Listen for sweep tones, CW and other material created by Les Rayburn to hear our station over the noise. Reception reports can be sent to KC2DUX@...

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